Explore our range of Instant Beverage Products.

We are proud to present a quick and hygienic solution for all your coffee and tea needs, the Magic Cup.

We offer you a range of options, including:

  • Tea
  • Sugar-free coffee
  • Coffee with Stevia for a calorie-free sweetener
  • Coffee with sugar (Stevia powder) and milk (3 in 1)

With our products, enjoy instant coffee and tea that are convenient and satisfying. Thank you for choosing our brand for your beverage enjoyment.

Who Can Use Our Products?

Our products can be consumed by every individual and corporate customer because of their quick preparation, practicality, freshness, and ease of storage.

  • Productive facilities
  • Workplaces and offices
  • Construction sites
  • Intercity bus industry
  • Outdoor and indoor events (concerts, football/basketball matches, conferences, picnics etc.)
  • Air travel, sailing, and train voyages
  • Hospitals and schools
  • Armed forces
  • Private and public student residences
  • Associations
  • Charities
  • Due to quick preparation, houses and other places

Product Categories

Instant Coffee


Instant Coffee 2 in 1

Coffee with Stevia for a calorie-free sweetener

Instant Coffee 3 in 1

Coffee with Stevia for a calorie-free sweetener and Milk

Instant Tea


Why To Choose Our Products?

  • It adds value to your corporate identity and makes you feel privileged to have paper cups specially produced for you.
  • The best teas and coffees are fixed in the cup with special technology in the optimum amount to offer the right taste.
  • In our product, the filter surrounding the tea and coffee consists entirely of cellulose. While fixing the filter to the paper cup, no glue was used, and the cellulose filter structure was fixed to the paper cup at a certain temperature. Paper and filter analyses are shared with each customer for peace of mind.
  • The product is produced from 100% recyclable materials; it never harms nature as waste.
  • Since it is produced in large quantities, the advantage provided in general administrative expenses, labor costs, and raw material prices is reflected in the customer’s bill. This means having a very economical product with its own corporate identity.
  • Consuming hot coffee and tea with the corporate logos of the employees increases their sense of belonging and trust in the company.
  • After consumption, unpleasant images such as tea bag residue or coffee residue do not appear. After consumption, the paper cup is bent and thrown directly into the trash.
  • If you want to drink your tea or coffee with a stronger flavor, after putting the hot water in, it will be enough to gently blow the spoon on the filter a few times.